10ft Marbled Woven Braid Lightning Anchor Cable with Leather Strap

  • No more dropped cables! Our 10FT stone anchor cable offers a weight that keeps your cable where you left it. It’s highly resistant to wear and tear and 10-foot range lets you get comfortable when you’re charging and using your device wherever you go. Plus an easy glide anchor to position all along the sturdy cable, along with a durable leather strap to keep your cable tangle-free, perfect for traveling.

    1. Braided cable cover is tough yet flexible
    2. Apple MFi Certified for reliable charge and sync compatibility
    3. 10-Foot Lightning cable with 8-pin to USB connection
    4. The lightning cable charges much faster than most standard cables and transfers data up to 480 M bits via and high purity oxygen free copper core.
    5. Aluminum connector head
    6. Leather strap
    1. iPod nano 7th gen
    2. iPod touch 5th gen
    3. iPhone 5/5C/5S
    4. iPhone 6/6s
    5. iPhone 6/6s Plus
    6. iPhone 7
    7. iPhone 7 Plus
    8. iPhone 8
    9. iPhone 8 Plus
    10. iPad mini
    11. iPad 4th gen
    12. iPad Pro

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