Tired of misplacing your tech & tech accessories?

Tired of misplacing your tech & tech accessories?

April 19, 2019

One thing is for certain- nobody wants to lose their phone or their favorite tech accessories. The moment you can’t find your phone, your stomach begins to turn and the happy mood you once were in is now a thing of the past. The same thing happens when you can’t find your music speaker when you’re packing for your spring break trip. Did you leave it in your car? Beach bag? At your friend’s house? Once you discover that it’s not at any of those places, you begin to get wide-eyed… oh no, did you leave it at the BEACH? Sorry, we don’t mean to make this sound like a nightmare, but it kind of is! It’s so frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for and you have nothing but your faint memory to guide you back to your long-lost devices...

Well, what if I were to tell you we found a few solutions to never letting this happen again? Yep, you’re going to want to continue reading. 😎

TIP #1: Make sure the phone-locator within your smartphone is set up.

Each smartphone offers an included software that can help find your phone once you’ve already lost it. For Apple, make sure you have Find My iPhone set up and running. For Android users, you can use Google’s Find My Device and it will connect you to any device that is paired with your google account. Lastly, for Samsung, make sure you have Find My Mobile up and running.

This is a no-brainer. It takes no extra effort or cost to just make sure this feature is set up on your phone. It’ll save you a lot of time and anxiety the next time you think you’ve lost it!

TIP #2: For even more security, look into using this app.
The most commonly known app for device-locating is Prey. You can sync up to three devices before having to pay for the application. Let’s use your beach speaker for an example. Once your speaker has been synced to Prey and you can’t seem to find it, all you have to do is log in to your Prey account and it’ll start immediately locating you back to your device. This works best with iOS or Android products.

This is helpful because you can sync any device that you want and once you feel it’s missing, you can send out an alert on the app and Prey will lock/disable the device until it’s retrieved through a password only you could know.

TIP #3: Chipolo it!
Chipolo is a small Bluetooth device that looks like a trendy keychain but actually works to keep track of all your favorite devices. Ranging in different colors, this keychain blends in with the rest but serves as your tech bodyguard.

You track your Chipolo keychain through a free app locating you the minute you log in. What’s cool is it’s wireless and has the capability to last uncharged for up to 6 months! It also can withstand high and low temperatures. If you think back to our beach day scenario, this would come quite in handy since it’s pretty common for speakers and phones to overheat. With Chipolo, you’ll be safe from worrying about that!

TIP #4: The Neon Solution

By using Candywires Neon Series products for all your tech needs, it’ll be hard to misplace anything with these insanely bright pops of color! Now, we don’t want to be held liable if you lose your speaker or headphones although they are bright and unforgettable-looking. We’re just saying, you’ll never lose sight of these in the first place because the brightness will always catch your attention! (And everyone else's, which is just a bonus. 😉)

Alright, in all seriousness- we hope you never have to worry about losing your tech or tech accessories again. There are so many applications and softwares out there to protect you and save you when you misplace an item!

Oh, and if you really did lose your speaker on the beach… treat yourself to our new wireless neon hook speaker!  Remember, you won’t be able to miss it! 😂

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