About CandyWirez

Based in Los Angeles, we are your exclusive design company with fashion-forward, art-inspired products. We are avid observers and draw inspiration from all things easy to love: cultural movements, music, art, fashion, pop culture, and nature.

We are visionary, urban pirates that value quality, uniqueness, and attainability.

Our Mission is simple: To offer unique and awesome products and experience to customers.

What sets us apart

Everyone can claim to be different but we actually are.

We engineer products we LOVE from scratch. That way, every single thing we sell embodies soul and personality. We like to make things uniquely ours and our sole intention is to make you feel like you own something that is one-of-a-kind. Afterall, our products are a limited-time only...

To be different, to be beautiful, and to be better quality is everything we strive for. Our value unfolds by incorporating unique products with the ultimate intention to make each and every customer feel good about their purchase. Satisfaction comes from individuality. Many brands lose sight of this, but not at Candywirez. Your satisfaction is why we chose to be unique and constantly evolve our products with social, cultural, and environmental consciousness.

We want you to touch, feel, and experience individuality. We hope our products resonate with you on a personal level because after all, you, yourself are incomparable.

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