Wireless Kevlar Ear Buds

  • Look sleek and sexy with our Kevlar BC-48 wireless earbuds. Discover the freedom of a wireless lifestyle listening to music, managing your calls or working-out. Completely free from wires and easy to use with replaceable ear-tips tailored for all day wear and active use. Reinforced with Kevlar aramid fibers for superior durability- a material composed of high tensile strength synthetic fibers used in bulletproof vests, military helmets, car tires, and cut resistant gloves.  

    1. Built-in magnets let you attach the two earphones together when not listening to music, and wear around your neck, a convenient way to carry when you don't need them
    2. Built-in mic and controller to easily answer phone calls, switch between songs, and adjust volume 
    3. Wireless high def stereo sound 
    4. Sweat resistant 
    5. Ear tips come in 3 sizes
    6. Kevlar cable; Reinforced with Kevlar for superior durability 
    1. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices

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