Back To School!

Back to school usually means pencils, notebooks and backpacks. However; nowadays protecting your mobile device and keeping it powered has become a necessity. Even parents know that when it’s time to go back to school and that means getting everything you need to be prepared.

POWER: The average American student goes to school for about 6 and a half hours a day. And according to Nielsen, the average person spends 4+ hours a day on their mobile devices! Now how do you charge your phone if you are constantly moving around school? Candywirez has a variety of ways to keep your mobile device powered:

  1. Candywirez Battery Case
  2. Candywirez Power Banks
  3. And of course...Candywirez Cables!

Power Banks

PROTECTION: Now that we got your mobile device all powered up, how do you make sure you keep it protected? Well first, you’ll need a screen protector to make sure you don’t get any scratches from all the things will have in your pocket. Secondly, a case to keep it safe from all those times you will drop know you will!

  1. Screen Protectors
  2. iPhone Cases
  3. Samsung Cases

Want more ways to charge and protect your mobile device? Visit Candywirez by clicking here.

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Customer Service