It’s Time For A Wireless Upgrade: Introducing CandyWirez Suction Cup Power Bank

March 08, 2019

Charging your phone by a cord is so 2018. You may be familiar with the term “wireless charger” but we’re here to tell you why this suction cup power bank is the wireless charger that you've been missing out on.

Introducing Candywirez Suction Cup Power Bank Portable 8000 MAH Charger. Now, let’s discuss this power bank’s capabilities.


1. Feel secured with the long-lasting suction cup feature
Have you ever went to charge your phone into your basic cable charger and came back an hour or so later, ready to have a fully charged phone and yet, you didn’t realize the charger cube wasn’t all the way plugged in the wall or even better- your frayed cord decided to finally call it quits and your phone is still dead? Yeah, us too. Those days are over with the suction cup power bank. You can be reassured that your phone won’t budge once attached to the built-in suction cups- allowing a continuous charge for as long as needed.

2. Charging capable up to 8000 MAH (milliamp hours)
MAH is the unit to measure electric power. The higher the MAH, the longer-lasting power your charger is going to have. The suction cup power bank restores its power through a rechargeable battery or a mobile power source. The best part about the power bank is 8000 MAH goes a long way in terms of electric charge. The purpose of having a wireless charger is so that you can rely on it in times away from an outlet. We made it our goal to provide you with the best power capability out there and we guarantee you’ll find the power bank portable charger efficient and reliable.

2-In-1 suction cup wireless charger and power bank

3. You can charge up to two devices at the same time
Say whaaat? Next time Tracy expects you to pass over YOUR charger when you’re at a higher percentage than hers, you can offer her to charge by her cable cord on your power bank, (we guess we wouldn’t completely rule out cable charging cords...). This way, both you and Tracy are happy and maintaining stable battery life.

Already sold? Click here to shop.

4. You can get charged but also stay connected
Unless you’ve invested in one of our customized 10-foot-long charging cables, charging your phone from a cord can be quite inconvenient and uncomfortable. How depressing when you go to plug in your charger and get in bed and it doesn’t reach from the nightstand and you have to awkwardly stretch your arms out and turn on one side to do your late-night scroll… (been there, done that- never going back). The suction cup power bank solves that problem! It’s no different from being on your phone any other time, yet your battery life is always remaining!

5. Tend to your style with our different color options
Last but certainly not least- here at Candywirez, we understand the importance of tending to your style. Your mobile accessories are a key factor to your overall look. We live in a digital world and your accessories say a lot about you. We have three color schemes for you to choose from- that way, it fits your personality and you look.

At the end of the day, we believe that your mobile accessories should be as efficient and convenient as possible. At Candywirez, we just happen to make it fun by customizing our products to stay with the trends. Alright- we know we’ve got you sold now.

Browse our selection here and of course,
thank you in advance for your business!

Candywirez power bank charger

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